Relax, We’re Here to Help

If you have a dental phobia, or if you’re anxious about seeing the dentist, you could be putting your oral health at risk by avoiding appointments.

At Advance Dental Clinic, we’ve created a warm and welcoming atmosphere to put even the most nervous of patients at ease.

And we’ve taken a step further by offering our nervous patients sedation dentistry to help them feel completely relaxed during treatment.

For many of our patients, sedation dentistry has completely transformed the way they think and feel about visiting the dentist.

What is Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation puts patients into a relaxed and dreamlike state. Although you’ll be conscious throughout treatment, it feels a little like being asleep.

Patients under sedation remember nothing at all about treatment. Most believe they have slept through the whole thing, while others are amazed that their treatment appeared to be over before they knew it.

For nervous, anxious patients and dental phobics, IV sedation can be a life-changing discovery which gives them the confidence to finally get treatment.

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