Transform your smile with orthodontics in Chelmsford

Dream of the day you’ll have a super straight, bright white smile but are too terrified by the nightmare of wearing braces for months? Get the confidence-boosting smile and healthy teeth you want quickly, without fixed metal braces thanks to our range of discreet orthodontic services.

Our expert team of Chelmsford orthodontists and dental professionals have helped hundreds of adults regain their confidence by fixing the most common causes of crooked teeth. Whether you’ve got gapped, protruding, crooked or misaligned teeth, we’re here to help you stop being too shy to smile. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, clear aligners and almost invisible brackets make orthodontic treatments much more discreet, meaning you can go about your everyday life without worrying about a brace being on show. Plus, depending on your chosen teeth straightening method, you could achieve your desired results in as little as six months.

Orthodontics Chelmsford

What are orthodontic treatments?

Orthodontic treatments are dental treatments specifically catered to fixing the positioning of your teeth and – in some cases – your jaw. They can also be used to help improve your bite if your current positioning is causing you pain, or if you struggle with speaking or eating. At Advance Dental Clinic, our orthodontics in Chelmsford are some of the most refined and well-received in the country – all performed by expert dentists with plentiful experience helping people just like you gain the smiles they always wanted.

Comfortable orthodontic treatments

The orthodontic treatment best suited to you depends on your requirements. Here at Advance Dental, we offer four teeth straightening solutions:

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Invisalign is the perfect, removable alternative to fixed braces. It is one of the most popular dental advancements we offer here at Advance Dental Clinic to give you straighter teeth, and for a good reason! We know that some people are nervous about wearing fixed braces due to how they look and feel, which is why Invisalign is such a sought-after, alternative solution. During this process, you will wear a clear, removable aligner that’s similar to dental veneers for around two weeks, before swapping to another slightly different aligner. This process applies only the slightest pressure, straightening teeth until they are properly aligned. Find out more about our Invisalign in Chelmsford on our dedicated page.

Inman Aligner

These aligners aren’t quite as discrete as Invisalign, but they’re still a great alternative to traditional metal brackets. Inman Aligners work with a coiled spring and are positioned opposite each other on either side, shifting your front teeth into a more uniform position much quicker than a traditional brace could. The force is gently applied across multiple teeth at once, helping you gain the smile you’ve been looking for in record time.

Six Month Smiles

If you have slightly unaligned front teeth, the Six Month Smile treatment is ideal. Because this treatment doesn’t change your bite and instead focuses on the ‘social 6′ – your six front teeth – you’ll see visible changes within 6 months, rather than waiting years for your full results. You can choose between clear aligners or well-hidden braces – but both are virtually invisible and you’ll be able to enjoy an active social life without fear of your braces standing out.

Quick Straight Teeth

The Quick Straight Teeth treatment focuses on the teeth shown when you smile and, depending on your circumstances, can take anywhere between 4 – 24 weeks to complete. Clear-coloured braces are applied to the teeth and help gradually shift them back into place. Ideal if you’re looking for a combination of a discreet appearance and traditional braces.

Orthodontics Chelmsford

Start your journey to straight teeth today

Regain your confidence and achieve your dream smile with the help of Advance Dental. Whether you’ve already decided orthodontics in Chelmsford is for you, or would like to discuss your options with our skilled team, book your consultation today.

We also offer a plethora of other dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and much more. Whatever you need, Advance Dental is here for you.

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