Bite Problems

Bristol Bite Problems Treatment - High Street Dental Clinic

We consider this one of the most overlooked areas in dentistry, and one of the most important to ensure a healthy, long lasting, comfortable dentition.

This usually starts at the diagnostic stage of treatment, but we also carry out regular re-assessment with all examinations.

Symptoms of bite problems can present in many different ways:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Gum pocketing, bone loss and tooth mobility
  • Abnormal wear on the biting surfaces and edges of the teeth, and on the necks of the teeth (sometimes incorrectly attributed to brushing too hard)
  • Muscle pain which manifests as headaches, neck pain, frozen shoulder, arm tingling and numbness, backache etc…
  • Pain and noises in the jaw joints ( TMJ’s)
  • Reduced ability to open the mouth wide
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