Composite Veneers Treatment Essex

What are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers, much like porcelain veneers, can provide you with a brighter and straighter smile. By giving yourself a brilliant set of pearly whites, you can guarantee your confidence will shine too.

"I am so pleased with the end result. I didn’t want a typical film star, overly whitened and overly straightened result. I wanted the shape of my old teeth back, pre-grinding...and that’s exactly what I got!"

Karen W



Veneers are very thin shells that cover your teeth. They’re created bespoke to your unique smile to fit snuggly, ensuring stability and durability - giving the impression of a perfect smile.

The difference between porcelain and composite veneers is the material from which they’re made. Porcelain veneers are made from porcelain, and composite veneers are made from composite resin - the same resin used in composite bonding treatment.

What are the advantages of composite veneers?

Your composite veneers will even out misshapen teeth by covering any imperfections. It’ll do the same for any discolouration, uneven gaps or even broken teeth. Veneers can also improve the look of eroded, chipped or misaligned teeth.

Composite veneers are made bespoke to your unique smile, often using exact impressions of your teeth so you can be guaranteed a perfect fit to ensure your smile looks exactly right.

Porcelain veneers often take more than one appointment since they’re created in a lab. Whereas, composite veneers can take one single appointment. They’re also not made in a lab; they’re carefully hand-sculpted into shape by one of our professionals.

What’s the Process?

After consulting with one of our team and establishing your ideal goal for your new smile, we’ll get to work on preparing your teeth. Unlike porcelain veneers, there’s minimal drilling involved in composite veneer preparations.

First, we’ll prepare the surface of your teeth, so the composite resin has a good grip and stays in place. This is harmless to your teeth and will slightly roughen the surface.

Next, we apply an adhesive so the resin can become strong while being applied to your teeth. This also enhances the durability of your veneers.

Then, we apply the resin. The resin is precisely sculpted and moulded to the exact shape required to get your smile glimmering.

Finally, using a heat lamp, we’ll harden the composite resin so that it sets and we’ll shape, polish and apply any finishing touches. Now your brand new smile will be ready for the world to see.


How long do composite veneers take?

Most of the time, it only takes a single appointment.

What happens after composite veneers?

You should follow our advice on the best ways to take care of your composite veneers to help them last longer. You should avoid breaking habits like chewing pen lids or opening bottle tops with your teeth to ensure your veneers reach the full potential of their durability.

Who can get composite veneers?

Most people would be eligible for composite veneers. You should contact our clinic today to book your consultation and see how we can bring you your dream smile.

When would I need composite veneers?

If you have teeth that are chipped, broken, misaligned, eroded or discoloured, composite veneers can give the impression of a beautiful smile.