Three New Year’s Resolutions for Your Teeth

It’s that happy time of year again when we all think about what positive changes we’re going to make in the months ahead. If you’re thinking about New Year’s resolutions for 2018, why not bear your teeth and gums in mind this year? Here are 3 tooth-friendly resolutions, just for you:

  1. Brush twice a day, every day: studies show that many people don’t brush twice a day. If you’re guilty of neglecting your teeth, now is the time to start paying them a little more attention. All it takes is a couple of minutes every morning and evening. Simply brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and then floss for the best results. If you brush well and you stick to a routine, you should find that your smile looks healthier and you’ll have a much lower risk of cavities and gum disease.
  2. Eat less sugar: did you know that the recommended daily intake of sugar is only around 8 teaspoons? Most of us consume too much sugar on a regular basis, and this can be incredibly damaging for the teeth. If you’re on a health drive, make it your mission to stick to those recommended intakes and take care to avoid sugary treats between meals.
  3. See your dentist: if you’re guilty of putting off dental visits until you’re in pain, make 2018 the year of the 6-monthly check-up. Check-ups aren’t painful, they only last a few minutes and they vastly reduce your chances of having to see your dentist again in the next months. Call us today. We don’t bite- we promise!