Secure Replacement Teeth with SynCone

If you’re looking for a secure solution for missing teeth, we may have just the treatment you’ve been looking for. Dentures have long been used to fill gaps in the smile, but sometimes, they’re not perfect. If you’ve had trouble with dentures in the past, and you’re looking for a more stable alternative, SynCone could be the answer.

Introducing SynCone

SynCone is an implant-retained denture system, which creates brand new, healthy-looking smiles with no risk of a denture slipping or sliding out of position. This treatment uses a combination of dental implants and dentures to produce incredible aesthetics and superior levels of functionality.

SynCone treatment involves placing between 4 and 6 dental implants in the jaw. These implants, which are small titanium screw-like devices, have a tapered end, and once they’re in place in the jaw bone, they can be connected to a new denture. The result is a beautiful looking smile, which is also completely stable and secure. We usually use four implants for the lower jaw and six implants for the upper jaw.

The advantages of SynCone

SynCone offers a host of advantages for patients who have a large number of missing teeth. These include:

  • Peace of mind that your denture will never slip
  • A perfectly-fitted, secure denture
  • Amazing aesthetics
  • Improved confidence
  • Same-day treatment: unlike conventional implant treatment, which takes up to 9 months, SynCone treatment produces same-day results
  • Increased functionality: you can eat whatever you like!

If you like the sound of SynCone, and you’d like to find out more, why not call us today and make an appointment?