Rejuvenate Your Face in the New Year with Advance Dental Clinic

If you’re embracing the ‘New Year, new me’ concept, why not treat yourself to fabulous facial rejuvenation at Advance Dental? We have a range of treatments on offer, which will revitalise and revive your skin and ensure you start 2018 looking and feeling fantastic.

Our treatments

We offer a range of non-surgical facial treatments, which are designed to roll back the years and give your complexion a healthy radiance. We are lucky to have Monica Berrange, an experienced aesthetic practitioner, on our team, so we can assure you that you’re in the best hands. Our treatments include:

Botox: Botox is a purified form of type A botulinum toxin , injected into the skin to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and facial lines. Botox works by suppressing muscle contraction in the facial muscles. It is most common to have Botox around the eyes, mouth and nose and on the forehead. Botox treatment involves having a series of injections. A very fine needle is used to prevent pain and the procedure only takes around 15-30 minute. This is a temporary solution and the effects of treatment should last up to 6 months.

Fillers: dermal fillers are used to add volume to the skin and they can help to counteract the effects of a loss of collagen. Collagen is the fibre that gives the skin its firmness. As you get older, your collagen stores become depleted and this is why your skin sags and you develop wrinkles. Fillers add a youthful bounce to the skin and they can also define your features, including your cheekbones and your jaw line. Like Botox, fillers are not a permanent solution and they produce effects that last up to 9 months.

Chemical peel: if your skin is in need of some TLC and you’ve lost that youthful healthy glow, a chemical peel may be just the tonic. Treatment takes place over a number of weeks. We use carefully selected products to create smooth, fresh-looking, vibrant complexions.

To find out more about our facial treatments, call us today!