How Lumineers Can Improve Your Smile

At Advance Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering the best cosmetic treatments and we are delighted to have Lumineers by Cerinate as part of our incredible collection of aesthetic services. These veneers, which are made from patented ceramic, offer durability and longevity, in addition to amazing, natural looking aesthetics. If you’re looking for the perfect smile, this could be just the ticket! Lumineers differ to other types of veneer because they are made from a patented pressed material, which has been developed by Cerinate based on extensive research. These veneers may be incredibly thin, but they are also very strong, so they present a great long-term investment. Dental Veneers are very thin shells, which are placed over the natural teeth; they are designed to change the aesthetic of the smile to produce perfect pearly whites and they can be used to hide a multitude of cosmetic sins. We often recommend veneers when clients come to us with concerns about staining and discolouration, misshapen, uneven, worn down and chipped teeth and gaps between the teeth. Lumineer treatment usually takes around 2-3 weeks and this involves two sessions. To begin with, we will discuss the treatment with you, go through the process and check that you are a good match for Lumineers. We will then create moulds of your teeth and carry any preparatory work with Lumineers, as they are so fine and thin, minimal preparation is required. We send the moulds off to the Cerinate studio where your bespoke veneers will be created. When they have been sent back to us, we will then fit them and you can start to enjoy life with a brand new smile and renewed confidence! If you’re unhappy with the look of your smile or you dream of a flawless smile like those seen on celebrities on TV and in films, Lumineers could be the perfect treatment for you; call us today to arrange a consultation to find out more and start making your dream smile a reality.