Guaranteed Whiter Teeth With Enlighten Deep Bleaching

Our Essex expert dental team has tried and tested a number of whitening treatments in order to ensure that our clients have access to the best systems on the market. We are proud to offer Enlighten deep bleaching. This system is widely regarded as the best treatment out there at the moment.

What is Enlighten and how does it work?

Enlighten is a professional whitening system, which lightens the shade of the teeth over a period of 15 days. For the first 14 days, patients wear custom-made trays that contain whitening agent at home. On the 15th day, we invite patients to come into the clinic and enjoy a one-hour in-chair treatment to give their smile that bit of added sparkle. Home treatment is very simple and you can fit it in around your schedule. All you need to do is wear your bespoke Enlighten whitening trays for a period of around 6 hours per day for 14 consecutive days. You can wear the trays at night and you should find them very comfortable. The in-chair session involves applying whitening agent to your teeth and then activating it using a light source. All you have to do is pop on some goggles and then lie back and relax for an hour.

What can I expect?

You can expect amazing results from Enlighten. This is the only treatment available in the UK that is capable of achieving shade B1, the lightest tooth shade. You should notice a difference of around 10 shades in your before and after shots.

Tooth whitening can sometimes cause sensitivity, but Enlighten achieves results without increasing sensitivity.

If you’re keen to start teeth whitening in Essex to achieve bright white teeth, why not call and make an appointment today? In just a couple of weeks, you could be showcasing a brand new smile and there’s absolutely no pain or hassle involved.