Five Food Swaps For Stronger Teeth This Spring

If you’re keen to protect your teeth and gums, it’s hugely beneficial to keep an eye on your diet. Here are 5 food swaps you can make for stronger teeth this spring:

  1. Fizzy drinks for milk: milk is rich in calcium, which is essential for strong teeth, but it also has a much higher pH value and lower sugar content than fizzy drinks. Acids wear away the enamel, and most fizzy drinks have very little nutritional value. Next time you’re thirsty, pour a glass of milk rather than reaching for a can of pop.
  2. Ice cream for yoghurt: it may be warmer outside, but resist the temptation to stock the freezer full of ice cream. Ice cream is sugary, and it can also exacerbate symptoms of sensitivity. Yoghurt is a better option, as it contains calcium, and unsweetened versions have low sugar content. Sprinkle some raspberries or blueberries to increase your daily intake of fruit.
  3. Crisps for cheese: if you tend to graze on crisps between meals, try eating a small chunk of cheese instead. Cheese has a high pH value, it’s low in sugar, and it’s a good source of calcium.
  4. Juice for water: juice is often marketed as a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, but most shop-bought products are full of added sugar. Juices also tend to be acidic. Water is pH neutral, it contains fluoride, it has no sugar content and it helps to keep dry mouth at bay.
  5. Cooked veg for raw vegetables: any form of vegetable is going to be beneficial for you, but raw vegetables are particularly good for your oral health. Chewing on raw carrots, celery sticks, broccoli and cucumber stimulates saliva production, cleansing the mouth and reducing acidity.