Faster Results With 6 Month Smiles

Not all braces treatments mean years of wearing braces, waiting and hoping for the day when you will have lovely straight teeth. One of our braces treatments that give results in a matter of months is our 6 month smiles treatments. These are very tiny clear brackets and wires which focus on the visible teeth when you smile.If you have misaligned front teeth and want a fast, effective and discreet braces system look no further than 6 Month Smiles. They gently move the front teeth into the desired location in four to nine months. As the wiring and brackets are tooth coloured they are much more discreet. The reason they are able to work so fast is because they are not moving whole arches of teeth but  5 or 6 teeth. This means that the sole focus is on these particular teeth so treatment can be completed faster than with traditional fixed braces.They also use very low forces the wires and brackets are so small they keep any rubbing or discomfort to a minimum. 6 Month Smiles combine effective and fast tooth straightening with maintaining facial aesthetics. People would only notice you were wearing them if they were very close up to your mouth. They also can cause much less pain than other braces which use a tightening system to move teeth into place.They are suitable for anyone over the age of 15 who has a gap or slightly crooked front teeth. If you would like treatment for areas other than your front teeth we will suggest other braces treatments that would be more suitable to your needs.After treatment you will need to wear a retainer if you want the results of 6 Month Smiles to last then you can wear a removable or bonded retainer depending on your preference. If you think 6 Month Smiles is the right choice for you then contact Advance Dental Clinic today to begin your 6 Month Smiles braces treatment.