Bond Your Way to Success!

At some point most of us have at least thought about getting some form of cosmetic dentistry done, be it something as simple as whitening teeth or a more drastic option such as a full smile makeover. But when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, just what is your best bet?

Obviously it depends on what work you actually want doing. Getting Invisalign braces fitted for example, would not be useful if you wanted your teeth whitened and while it can’t be used for everything, cosmetic bonding has been hailed by many as the “ultimate smile makeover”.

What is it?

Cosmetic bonding has gained its reputation largely because of its ability to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or teeth that have multiple issues, whereas most cosmetic dentistry treatments focus on one problem only. Cosmetic bonding is able to help broken, chipped, misshapen and stained teeth. This is done by fixing a material on the front of the tooth or teeth. The material is then coloured to match your other teeth and gives the appearance of natural teeth, without the problems they originally had.

The treatment and process

Cosmetic bonding is essentially a very simple process. Before the material is placed on the tooth, each one is filed and shaped slightly so the bonding can be implemented properly. The material – which is usually made of acrylic resins in a gel-like form – is added after the colour has been adjusted to match the surrounding teeth. Light is then shone intensely on the area to dry and harden the gel before being polished. Once this is done, your teeth will have the same appearance as they did before.

The treatment itself takes just one visit and understandably varies depending on how many teeth are to undertake the treatment and the condition of them

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Cosmetic bonding is a diverse treatment that can be used in many cases. But, if an alternative is required and the teeth in question are not severely damaged, then something as simple as braces may be an alternative, but these obviously take a longer time to take effect.