We Offer Innovative Tooth Restoration In Just One Visit

If you have a damaged tooth and worry about how long it will take to restore your smile, worry no longer! We can make your smile look like new in just one treatment with our innovative CEREC 3D technology. We use the 3D images in order to recreate your new tooth, using optical impressions provided by CEREC technology. You can watch us design your restoration onscreen and we make the restoration look as natural as possible and to blend in with the rest of your teeth.  We use a strong ceramic substance to build your tooth back to full use which is tooth coloured. When taking 3D images of your tooth we first add a powder, which reflects on the surface of the tooth, this is after removing any damaged parts of the tooth. Using our innovative camera we then take a picture of your damaged tooth before designing your new tooth in colour on a screen you can see. Using CEREC technology allows us to design a very precise restoration, which you can see before the reconstruction, is even done. In just one visit you can be rest assured that you will leave us with a durable, strong, natural looking tooth restoration and you can eat and drink as normal afterwards. We use a fast diamond bur and a disk in order to finely cut the ceramic material and use a highly effective bonding substance to add this to your tooth. Our methods are safe, effective and extremely durable. We ensure the tooth looks aesthetically pleasing whilst being as strong as possible in order to make it highly functioning tooth that can chew, and bite effectively whilst blending in with your natural teeth. If you would like more information about our CEREC technology get in touch with the team today and arrange a CEREC consultation.