Teeth Straightening With No Train Tracks in Sight With Quick Straight Teeth

If somebody asked you to describe a brace, what words would you use? If the words train tracks are on the tip of your tongue, we have good news for you! Gone are the days of worrying about wearing cumbersome, unsightly and painful braces. At Advance Dental, we use innovative systems such as Quick Straight Teeth to create stunning smiles without a train track in sight.

About Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth, or QST, is a modern orthodontic system, which uses the latest technology to eliminate pain and produce incredible, straight smiles. With QST, you have a choice between discreet removable and fixed braces and you can benefit from rapid treatment times. QST braces focus on the teeth that can be seen when you smile, reducing treatment times and giving you a truly beautiful smile. Both the fixed and removable braces are made using transparent materials, so you don’t have to worry about what people will think during treatment. You can smile with confidence and look forward to unveiling your incredible pearly whites.

How long does treatment take?

With a name like Quick Straight Teeth, you’d hope for rapid results. If you’re desperate to show off a straight smile, this could be the treatment for you. This brace doesn’t fail to deliver on the promises its name makes, producing results in just 4-24 weeks. The exact treatment time varies according to how much movement the individual patient requires.

Am I a good match?

Quick Straight Teeth is ideally suited to patients who have minor or moderate orthodontic issues that affect the front teeth. If you’d like to see if this treatment is a good match for you, why not give us a call and book a consultation?