Restorative Dental Treatments to Restore Your Smile

Teeth are built to last a lifetime, but often the stresses and strains of everyday life coupled with injuries and accidents can take its toll and it’s common for the teeth to become worn, chipped and broken. Decay can also result in damage to the teeth. If your teeth need some TLC and bit of patching up, we have a range of restorative treatments on offer.

Our treatments

We offer a comprehensive range of dental restorations, from cosmetic bonding and white fillings to crowns, veneers, dental bridges and dental implants. Whether you have a chipped tooth, a broken tooth or a missing tooth, we have a solution.

Fillings and crowns

Fillings are designed to fill cavities (holes in the teeth). White fillings are made from dental composite, which matches the natural colour of the teeth and strengthens them without having a negative impact on the look of the smile. Crowns are recommended when more intensive treatment is needed and a tooth is broken, severely decayed or injured extensively. Crowns are also called caps because they sit over the top of your tooth. Porcelain crowns blend in with the colour of the teeth and are a popular choice. Other materials include precious and non-precious metals.

Dental bridges and implants

If you have a missing tooth, it is likely that your dentist will advise you to have treatment to replace the tooth. This is because missing teeth increases the risk of oral health problems as well as affecting speech and the look of the smile. We have various options available for patients who have lost teeth, including dental bridges and dental implants.

Dental bridges are a popular option for patients with a single missing tooth. They are made from a false tooth secured by a crown on either side. Bridges are more affordable than implants and the procedure is less invasive.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for lost teeth. They are designed to last a lifetime and offer excellent aesthetics as well as the same level of functionality as healthy, natural teeth.