Quick Ways to Straight Teeth: Compared

For many people, time is of the essence when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Maybe you have a special event in mind or you just can’t wait to have the smile you’ve always wanted. The good news is that orthodontic treatments are faster than ever before. If you’re eager for rapid results, here are some of the best ways to straighten your teeth quickly.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a removable brace, which is designed for patients who have minor or moderate orthodontic problems that concern the front teeth. The brace isn’t invisible, but it is incredibly discreet. It works by generating forces that squeeze the teeth into position. The best thing about this treatment is the speed. In just 16 weeks, you could have a perfectly straight smile.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a fixed brace system, which as you can probably guess, takes an average of just 6 months to straighten the teeth. These fixed braces are ideal for people with minor or moderate issues that involve the front teeth. Usually, fixed braces take at least 12 months, so this is a much swifter option. These braces are also more aesthetically pleasing than metal fixed braces, as they are made from clear and tooth-coloured parts.

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth (QST) is an innovative tooth straightening system, which offers you a choice of fixed or removable braces. It works quickly, with an average treatment time of 4-24 weeks, and it’s more affordable than most other treatments on the market.

If you’d like to find out more about our treatments, or learn more about which would benefit you most, contact us today, and we’ll set up an informal consultation. We’ll answer your questions, explain how the different systems work, and made recommendations based on your orthodontic needs, and of course, your treatment preferences.