How to Get a Youthful Glow This Winter

Get youthfulness back with facial aesthetics

We offer a range of facial aesthetics for a younger looking you. Facial and cosmetic dentistry treatments aim to enhance natural beauty by improving dental and skin quality. Our treatments not only improve appearance and health, but boost self-confidence for greater life enjoyment.

Facial cosmetic care is growing in popularity world-wide as more people want to combat the effects of ageing for younger looking skins and smiles. Now we all have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of facial aesthetics.

As time passes, our skin quality diminishes with increased wrinkling and loss of facial volume. Trusted skin rejuvenation treatments, such as dermal fillers and Botox, smooth out wrinkles for a revitalised complexion. The before and after treatment results are remarkable.

Younger skin may be maintained with top-up treatments gently injected into the skin folds and lines on the forehead and around the eyes, nose and mouth. These cosmetic enhancers contain substances such as hyaluronic acid, which occur naturally for skin hydration. Within 30 minutes of treatment, the skin begins to rejuvenate with a healthy, younger glow.

Combining facial cosmetics and cosmetic dentistry

Bringing out the best in facial aesthetics may involve a combination of skin rejuvenation and cosmetic dentistry, such as a smile makeover. Straight white teeth enhance younger looking skin for a beautiful smile.

You may wish to consider including dentist-supervised teeth whitening in Essex our treatments are easily applied at home or dental veneers to mask teeth misshape and discolouration. Contact us at Advance Dental Clinic for a consultation and further information about the selection of treatments we offer in facial cosmetics and cosmetic dentistry.