Have A Dazzling Smile This Wedding Season With Innovative Teeth Whitening

The sun has made an appearance, the holidays are in sight and wedding season is in full swing. If you’re preparing for your big day or you’re looking forward to going to a close friend or relative’s wedding and you’re desperate to impress, a bright, beautiful smile is just the ticket. With our incredible tooth whitening treatments, we can ensure that you are camera-ready for your special day. At Advance Dental, we understand the difference cosmetic dental treatment can make, not just to your looks, but also to your confidence and there’s no event more important than your wedding day; we can help to make sure you look and feel amazing every time you smile and you feel content when you look through the photographs in years to come. Our whitening treatments include the highly rated Enlighten system, which is famed for its stunning, natural looking results. Enlighten treatment involves a mixture of home treatment and an in-chair session. Treatment duration is 15 days and this includes 14 days of home treatment. Treatment at home is very simple and it can be fitted around a busy schedule very easily, so it won’t get in the way of planning and last-minute arrangements. You simply wear your bespoke Enlighten whitening trays for a set period of time every day or night for 14 days and this is followed by a power whitening session at the clinic, which lasts just one hour. When you come to the clinic, we will apply bleaching agent to the teeth and ask you to pop on a pair of protective goggles; you can lie back and enjoy some well-earned relaxation while we activate the agent with a light beam and let the treatment work its magic. At the end of the session, your smile will look radiant and you’ll be all ready to shine in the spotlight at your wedding. Whitening treatment isn’t painful and the results should last for years, so you can enjoy a timeless, beautiful smile and increased confidence far beyond your big day.