Get The Smile Of Your Dreams With Dental Implants

If missing teeth have been holding you back and you’ve been dreaming of a beautiful smile for as long as you can remember, now is the time to consider dental implant treatment. Dental implants are a modern solution for tooth loss and they can transform your smile, as well as your confidence. Implants are actually designed to replace the root section of the missing tooth and they are connected to other restorations in order to complete the restoration. The implants are made from titanium and they look similar to small screws. The implant is placed inside an opening in the jawbone and it is left there to integrate into the tissue. This process is called osseointegration and it enables the implant to provide support for the new restoration. One of the best things about dental implants is their versatility; they are compatible with different types of tooth restoration and this means that they are suitable for patients of all ages with varying dental needs. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth playing sport or you’ve been missing multiple teeth for several years, implants can help. Once an implant has settled into the jawbone, it can then be attached to a crown, denture or dental bridge and your tooth or teeth will look completely natural. You will also be able to enjoy the same level of functionality as you would if you had a full set of healthy natural teeth. With implants, tasks, which used to be troublesome, such as public speaking or eating out, become easy and hassle-free and you can enjoy greater confidence when you smile. Implants are a long-term solution and they are built to last and they are also easy to look after and they help to reduce the risk of bone loss in the jaw joint. If you like the sound of our incredible implants, why not call us and arrange a consultation to find out more and see if you are a good match for dental implants in Essex?