Four Tips to Keeping your Fixed Braces Clean

When you wear braces, it’s essential to keep them as clean as possible to minimise your risk of dental decay. If you’ve got fixed braces, here are 4 top tips to help you keep them in tip-top condition.

  1. Perfect your brushing technique: brushing is incredibly important when you’ve got fixed braces because the bands and brackets tend to trap food and bacteria. You can carry on using your normal toothbrush or use specially designed instruments, which make cleaning braces easier. Brush at least twice a day, for 2 minutes each time, and take care to target every part of the mouth.
  2. Brush after eating: when you have fixed braces, it’s very easy to get bits of food stuck in them, and it’s beneficial to carry a brush with you so that you can clean your teeth after meals. Wait around 45 minutes to allow your enamel to recover, and then brush.
  3. Floss: it’s helpful to floss when you have braces, as you can’t remove everything with a brush. It can take a bit of getting used to flossing with braces, but it will soon become second nature. If you have any questions or you need tips, your dentist will be happy to help.
  4. Dental checks: when you see your dentist, they can give your teeth a much more thorough clean than you can achieve at home with a toothbrush. Your dentist will clean your teeth at every appointment, as well as having a look at your braces and checking how your new and improved smile is coming along.

If you wear braces, and you need advice to help keep them clean, we’re always happy to help. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.