Forget About Old Bulky Metal Braces Of The Past Near Chelmsford

If you thought you had to endure bulky metal braces to get a beautiful smile, think again! With the incredible 6 Month Smiles system, we can create stunning, straight smiles in a matter of months using discreet, clear braces.6 Month Smiles is a popular discreet orthodontic system, which uses clear braces to straighten the teeth in just 6 months. These braces are made from clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires for maximum discretion and they use advanced technology to move the teeth quicker than most other treatments.This treatment is aimed at patients who require treatment for issues that affect the teeth at the front of the mouth; the braces focus on these teeth, which reduces treatment time, and enables patients who only need minor correction and limited movement to undergo treatment at an appropriate level, rather than more intensive treatment than is required.This treatment works by using self-ligating wires and brackets to generate forces to gently move the teeth; although the teeth move quickly, pain is minimal because of the technology behind the braces. After the first coupe of days of getting used to the braces, you’ll barely even notice that they’re there. 6 Month Smiles offers speed, comfort, discreet aesthetics and amazing results; it also offers better value for money than some treatments because fewer treatment sessions are required. Unfortunately, this treatment is suitable for everyone and this is the only real drawback; this system is great for patients with issues with the front teeth, but if you have more complex needs, it’s probably not the best match. We offer a range of treatments and can go through suitable options with you during your consultation. If 6 Month Smiles sounds good to you, call now and book your consultation! In just 6 month’s time, you could be showing off a beautiful new smile!