Dazzle When You Smile with our Teeth Whitening Treatment

A simple yet effective way of transforming the look of your teeth is through teeth whitening treatment. Teeth can become stained very easily, especially if you eat and drink certain things such as coffee or red wine, which can easily stain teeth. Whitening is a simple yet effective way of transforming the teeth and getting rid of stubborn teeth stains.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten whitening combines at home whitening with in house whitening. We will make you a bespoke mouth tray for comfort and fit and provide the gel to be used with it. You can wear the trays for two weeks at home, before visiting us for a one-hour treatment. This combination of treatments means that we can lighten teeth up to ten shades. This is a great way to transform your smile without having other cosmetic dental treatments.

During your consultation, we will instruct you on what to do with your trays and how long to wear them for each day. Most of our clients tend to wear them at night or in the evenings. As with any dental treatment, there can be some minor side effects. Usually this will be mild sensitivity for a couple of days until your teeth settle down. Try to avoid very hot and very cold food and drinks to minimise this. If you would like to discuss having whitening treatment at Advance Dental Clinic. then contact us today and start arranging your teeth whitening consultation.