Chelmsford dentists recommend that patients with crooked and misaligned teeth use braces

Braces are a long established method of correcting problems with the way that teeth are aligned. For your teeth to function properly as a composite, it is important that they are in the correct arrangement. Factors that can compromise this include a bite that is not properly aligned, teeth which rotated in the wrong direction and teeth which are over crowded or too far apart.

The method which braces use to is to employ metal brackets and wires to pull teeth into place over a period of time. By attaching metal brackets to teeth and then threading the wires through them, dentists can adjust the wires gradually at appointments so that the teeth are pushed and pulled into the most desirable positions as determined by the dentist.

Somewhat unfortunately though it sometimes seems that it is the negative aspects of braces which get the most publicity. The fact that all of that metal in the mouth can get messy during eating and that it doesn’t look that edifying either, are often mentioned aspects of braces, as well as the fact that they sometimes need to be worn for several years.

Several newer products on the market bypass these unfortunate aspects of braces but none of them can simultaneously deal with the many problems of tooth alignment and arrangement that braces can. Once the treatment is over with, patients can look forward to all of the benefits of having perfectly aligned teeth such as the excellent functioning of their mouth and a reduced risk of bruxism and cavity formation in over crowded teeth. You can get all the relevant information from your Chelmsford dentist the next time you are at the surgery. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.