We Offer CEREC 3D Technology For Same Day Tooth Restorations

Modern dentistry is advancing and evolving all the time and we are always eager to learn about new treatments and invest in innovative technology, in order to ensure our clients can enjoy the best possible results. We are very proud to offer Cerec same-day restorative treatment, which enables us to provide high quality treatment, on-site, in a single day. Cerec technology vastly reduces treatment times for patients who need restorative work, such as a new crown. With this amazing technology we can design, make and fit new restorations in just one session, rather than it taking 2-3 weeks. Cerec technology uses state of the art software to convert camera images into 3D models, which are sent to the on-site milling machine, then this machine fabricates the new restoration in a matter of minutes. We can then fit the new restoration and treatment is complete in a fraction of the time of traditional techniques. We can use Cerec to create same-day bespoke veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays and it offers us, as well as our clients, a host of benefits. Treatment times are reduced dramatically, everything can be done at the clinic and there is no need for temporary restorations. Patients can also enjoy a cleaner, more accurate and less intrusive treatment process and they can start enjoying the benefits of treatment much sooner. With Cerec, we don’t need to use putty to create impressions and this increases accuracy, as well as preventing patients from feeling uncomfortable, as this process can be a little unpleasant, especially for patients who suffer with a sensitive gag reflex. If you need restorative treatment in a hurry, or you’re interested in finding out about the latest dental technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as our friendly dentists will be happy to help!