The Wonderful World of Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a way of effectively treating teeth that are broken, chipped or stained. It is a simple yet effective method of repairing teeth and is less expensive than other costly procedures.

Treatment can usually be successfully administered in just one appointment with one of our dentists in Chelmsford. Prior to treatment, the tooth will be prepared by a gentle roughening of the part that will be treated. The dentist will then use a specialist gel to etch the surface of the tooth before applying the resins and bonding primers. They will then place the bonding composite and shape the material so that an attractive, even tooth is created.

The bonding material

The bonding material is made up of acrylic resins containing mineral fillers and ingredients that are activated by light (known as ‘photo initiators’). When it is placed on the tooth, the consistency is similar to a paste and then hardened through the use of an intense light beam.

The bonding material may be moulded and sculpted, allowing the dentist to create a perfect shape. In many cases, a few layers of the material will be used to recreate the translucency and colour of a natural tooth. When the dentist is satisfied with the bonding results, they will then give the tooth a shine by polishing it.

Composite bonding in Essex requires a dentist to use immense artistry and skill so it is vital to select a dentist with cosmetic dental experience and the necessary qualifications.

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