Straightening your Teeth in a hurry with the Inman Aligner in Chelmsford

Are you the person that has had to live with a ‘toothy’ smile most of your life, that has rather suffered socially because of it and find that whenever you have a photo taken, you recoil in horror and find yourself looking in the opposite direction? But does the idea of having a lengthy procedure to straighten your teeth also make you recoil? Well if it’s only the front few teeth causing you problems, help is at hand in the dental surgeries of Chelmsford in the shape of the Inman aligner. This cracking little tailor-made device has ways of straightening the teeth in as little as 6 weeks and all you have to do once the treatment is over is to wear a retainer in the leisure of your own company for a while to prevent the teeth from springing back into place. The unique thing about the Inman is its mechanism- a combination of a spring pushing the teeth one way whilst a wire around the front pulls the teeth into the desired location- essentially the opposing forces rock the teeth to and fro until the they are in place. For someone who doesn’t fancy the long drawn out alternatives, this is perfect, but the dessert topping about this device is that it is removable- great when eating and great when cleaning. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.