Straighten Your Teeth Quickly and Effectively with the Inman Aligner

You can now have your teeth straightened in a matter of weeks.  No longer do you need to wait many months or even years to have straight teeth, all the while wearing an unsightly set of metal braces.  The Inman Aligner corrects crooked teeth quickly and has only a small bar across the front teeth that is visible.

The average time you will have to wear an Inman Aligner is less than six months and treatment can be completed in only six weeks.  It is totally removable, which makes eating and drinking so much easier.  Traditional metal braces can be difficult to clean and make social occasions difficult, especially if you are a young person.  Inman aligners are extremely discreet but can be taken for a special social occasion if it will benefit your confidence to do so.

The Inman Aligner is unable to rotate teeth but is ideal for small alignment issues.  It uses the power of a coiled spring on the inside of your teeth.  The spring pushes out the lateral teeth against the straightening bar at the front of the mouth, the only visible part of the Inman Aligner when you smile.

The Inman Aligner represents a huge improvement on the traditional brace with their metal brackets and wires which had to be worn sometimes for years.