Incredible Results with CEREC

CEREC technology has truly shaken things up in the world of dentistry and the results are now available to anyone wanting to have a crown, onlay, underlay or veneer fitted.  The new techniques afforded by CEREC speeds up these processes incredibly.  In the past, the fitting of crowns, veneers and the like could take several weeks, during which temporary replacements had to be worn.  With CEREC, the desired results can be achieved in a single visit to your dentist.

Modern dentistry

Dental putty and X-rays were a valuable part of dentistry for many years and continue to be widely used, but they are not that efficient.  The impressions from putty and the x-rays have to be sent to labs, which causes waiting for patients.  CEREC techniques use the very latest in digital 3D technology to take images of your mouth that are instantly saved onto cutting edge computer systems.

This data can then be sent to an online milling machine which is able to construct the desired veneer or crown in only six minutes, while you wait.  Your dentist can then match the high quality, ceramic replacement to your surrounding teeth.  The results are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable.

Such speeding up of the process means that those feeling anxious about visiting the dentist need spend less time at the surgery and the inconvenience of wearing temporary replacements is eliminated.  In spite of the cutting edge technology, treatments that use CEREC cost no more than those using traditional methods.