Get The Smile You Have Always Wanted In A Matter Of Months

Often when people think about braces treatment they think of months, years in fact of having to wear braces. Those who have minor orthodontic issues affecting their front teeth can have straight teeth in just a matter of months with 6 Month Smiles technology. 6 Month Smiles are very small and discreet foxed braces, which use titanium wire, and teeth coloured brackets, which are smaller than traditional fixed brackets. In terms of discreetness the 6 Month Smile braces are barely noticeable due to their thin wires and tiny brackets that are either clear or tooth coloured. You can have treatment for gaps and crooked teeth quickly and effectively and more importantly, discreetly. The reason that 6 Month Smiles can work so quickly is because instead of focusing on the bite or more complex orthodontic cases, they focus on the front teeth only. For patients that have more severe problems affecting the full arches a different braces treatment would be recommended. At Advance dental clinic we would describe 6 Month Smiles treatment as a cosmetic brace system that can make your front teeth straight in a matter of months. Normally treatment takes between four and nine months depending on each individual patients orthodontic issue. You may have an upcoming event where you would like to have the smile you have always wanted such as a graduation, new job or perhaps you want a beautiful confident smile for your big day. Whatever the reason, if you think you would benefit from 6 Month Smiles braces then get in touch today.