Get A Celebrity Smile With Lumineer Treatment

Have you ever dreamt of a celebrity smile or wondered just how celebrities get their perfect pearly whites? With our beautiful Lumineers, you too could achieve that flawless smile. Lumineers are an innovative veneer treatment, which offer natural looking, radiant results with minimal hassle. Lumineers are much thinner than many other types of veneer, but they are up to twice as strong, so they represent a good investment for the future. Around the same thickness as a contact lens, Lumineers can often be bonded directly onto the teeth to create a dream smile without interfering with the structure of the teeth. Normally, a layer of the tooth structure is removed prior to the veneers being placed to make extra space, but with Lumineers, this is often not required. This makes the treatment process easier and quicker and it also means that the structure of the teeth remains intact. Veneers are versatile and we recommend them for a diverse range of cases involving aesthetic imperfections; we can use Lumineers to cover chips and worn edges, gaps between the teeth and stained teeth and we are confident that we can transform any set of teeth into a stunning new smile. Lumineers are different to other types of veneer because they are made from patented ceramic material, which is incredibly strong and durable; they are made by Cerinate in the USA. Treatment time for Lumineers is around 2-3 weeks and this involves 2 sessions; the first session is used to plan treatment and the second session involves placing the veneers and showing you your new smile. If Lumineers sound appealing to you and you’re desperate for a perfect summer smile, call us today and book your consultation; your new smile could be just a few weeks away!