Did You Know Your Dentist Could Provide Migraine Relief?

Most people go to the dentist when they’re due a check-up or are struggling with dental pain or swollen gums, but did you know that we can also provide relief or migraines and headaches? If you struggle with headaches or you’ve tried every migraine remedy without any success, we could help.

Migraine relief and dental treatment

Sometimes, it may be possible that migraines result from issues that could be remedied with dental treatment. One common cause is bruxism, which is more commonly known as tooth grinding. Grinding the teeth not only carries a risk of damage to the teeth, it also increases pressure and strain on the facial muscles and the muscles surrounding the jaw and temporomandibular joints and this may cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain and migraines.

Sometimes, the cause of bruxism is unknown, but many cases are thought to be linked to stress and anxiety. It is also possible that loose restorations and orthodontic issues increase the risk of tooth grinding.

If you do grind your teeth, it is possible to prevent damage to the teeth and tension in the facial muscles by wearing a protective bite guard. A bite guard is designed to provide a physical barrier between the upper and lower sets of teeth to prevent contact and subsequent damage. We provide custom-made bite guards, which fit perfectly to ensure that you feel comfortable and our guards should last a long time. We can also offer advice about dealing with stress and carry out any relevant dental treatment, such as replacing a loose filling, which may prevent tooth grinding.

If migraines are getting you down and you’re desperate for a solution, why not book a consultation today?