6 Things You Didn’t Know About Lumineers

iStock_000005700678SmallToday, many of us take great pride in our appearance. If you don’t have perfect pearly whites, we have plenty of amazing treatments that can give you a beautiful smile. Lumineers are one of our most popular treatments, and it’s easy to see why. If you dream of a dazzling smile and you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry, here are six things you probably didn’t know about Lumineers.

  1. Lumineers are made from a patented material: many veneers on the market today are made from porcelain, but Lumineers are different. These innovative veneers are made from a patented ceramic material known as Cerinate.
  1. Lumineers are stronger than traditional porcelain veneers: Cerinate ceramic material is incredibly strong. Although the veneers look delicate, they can withstand significant pressure and they last for years.
  1. Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers: although Lumineers are stronger than porcelain veneers, they are actually thinner. This creates amazing aesthetics, but it also means that you only need minimal preparation work before the veneers are fitted. When you have Lumineers, the tooth structure remains intact.
  1. Lumineers can last up to twice as long as porcelain veneers: Lumineers may look fragile, but they are incredibly durable. In fact, they can last up to twice as long as other types of porcelain veneer.
  1. Lumineers can be used to treat all kinds of cosmetic flaws: veneers are very versatile, and they can be used to treat an array of imperfections, from staining and worn edges, to gaps between the teeth.
  1. Lumineers are custom-made by Cerinate: Lumineers are completely bespoke. They are unique and are only made by Cerinate. Each veneer is placed individually and shaped for a perfect fit.