Younger skin with facial rejuvenation fro Chelmsford dentist

Everyone knows that by staying healthy we can keep ourselves looking young. By avoiding damaging substances like tobacco, alcohol and greasy foods and exercising and eating a well balanced diet we can stay healthy on the inside and the outside. However, no matter how healthy our lifestyle we can never hold back the effects of time and ultimately the aging process will cause hair to turn grey, teeth to lose their whiteness and skin to wrinkle and sag. But just as there are products to restore natural hair and teeth colour there is now an option to artificially keep skin looking firm and healthy.

This process is called facial rejuvenation and is increasingly becoming available to more and more people in the UK. Including treatments such as Botox, facial rejuvenation started in America about fifteen years ago and was initially prohibitively expensive and therefore the preserve of the rich and famous. But in recent years as the procedure has become more socially acceptable the treatments have become much more affordable. Having a facial rejuvenation treatment now is no more unusual than having a haircut.

Treatments like Botox utilise a bacterial toxin not harmful to the human body to relax facial muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles when injected into the facial tissue. Safe and simple, the effects of Botox last up to four months before requiring a top up.

These procedures are increasingly being used by dentists as a non-surgical alternative to facelifts. Because of the relationship of the facial muscles, including the lips, to the mouth and smile, dentists are using the treatments as part of a wider smile makeover treatment. Facial rejuvenation can also be used as a reconstructive measure to repair facial tissues damaged by sinking due to lost teeth.

With results appearing after as little as two days, facial rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular with over 90 per cent of women noticing a marked improvement in their skin after treatment. Consult a Chelmsford dentist about the non-surgical treatment for facial rejuvenation.