Younger looking skin with dermal fillers from Maldon dentist

It is becoming increasingly common for dentists to offer small-scale cosmetic facial treatments as part of a more comprehensive smile makeover procedure. Just as every great picture needs a suitable frame, so does every beautiful smile. Facial tissues that are sagging or showing the effects of time can now be treated with a range of dermal fillers such as collagen and Botox. These substances are injected into the facial tissue to firm and fill out skin and wrinkles making the skin look younger and healthier and enhancing the appearance of a beautiful smile.

Dermal fillers were first used in America about fifteen to twenty years ago and were initially the preserve of the rich and famous, but wider availability due to affordability and greater social acceptance has made a dermal treatment no more unusual than a haircut or nail treatment. Several initial safety concerns have also been addressed reducing the level of apprehension surrounding treatment. If applied by a trained professional, a dermal filler treatment carries little or no risk because most treatments have only temporary effects. This significantly reduces the possibility of any long-term damage.

Most dermal fillers include a substance called hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body, which also further reduces the risk to patients. Hyaluronic acid is the chemical that gives skin its plump and fresh appearance.

Treatments are usually performed with the aid of a local anaesthetic to make it more comfortable for the patient. For patients who don’t like needles there is the possibility of having anaesthetic gel or cream applied to the area half an hour before the procedure begins. The whole treatment should take little more than half an hour and will involve no surgical cutting of the skin.

Patients begin to see results after as little as two days and usually last for up to four months before requiring a top up. Affordable and safe, dermal fillers can help knock years off the appearance of your skin in a matter of minutes, with the minimum amount of discomfort. Make an appointment to see a dentist and ask about the benefits of dermal fillers. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation.

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