Why You Might Need Root Canal Treatment

If your tooth has become damaged internally then you may need root canal treatment to restore its health and functionality.  Teeth are in fact hollow and inside they contain vital nerves, arteries, veins and tissues.  The hollows inside of teeth are called pulp chambers and if there is a problem there, the best way to enter is through the root canals that carry the nerves into the tooth.

The inside of your tooth can become damaged as a result of a severe accident to the mouth or because of extreme tooth decay.  Root canal treatment might be necessary if the pulp tissue has become infected and an abscess is forming. Symptoms of this include aching in your teeth that won’t go away, tender or swollen gums or a tooth that has become noticeably darker than the rest. If you experience any of these things you should report them to your dentist as you may have a problem with your pulp chamber and require root canal treatment.

How can root canal treatment help?

The aim of root canal treatment is to drill into the tooth, remove the pulp from the chamber and then disinfect it. This will require X-rays and local anaesthetic.  The tooth will be sealed up with a temporary filling and your dentist will monitor it to check that infection has not returned and the root canals remain free of debris.  A permanent filling will be fitted once your Chelmsford dentist is satisfied that the pulp chamber and root canals are healthy.