What Choices Do I Have For Missing Teeth Near Brentford?

Unfortunately, the teeth can be lost at any stage of life, through injury, accidents or oral health issues. We understand that it can be really devastating to lose a tooth or multiple teeth, but we offer an amazing array of solutions to restore your smile, confidence and ability to do day to day things without any worry. We provide patients with different options to cater for varying preferences, needs and budgets and our treatments include dentures, dental bridges and dental implants. We have treatments available for single or multiple teeth, as well as entire arches of missing teeth. Dentures sometimes have a bad name, but our modern dentures are really impressive; they are built to last using the finest materials and they look extremely natural. Dentures are an option for a few missing teeth or a full set of lost teeth and they have been around for many years, helping patients with missing teeth to enjoy improved oral function and greater confidence. With our custom-made dentures, you can eat normally and enjoy clear speech and a healthy looking, bright smile. For patients who have a single missing tooth, dental bridges are a popular option. Bridges are so-called because they are designed to bridge the gap between two teeth when a tooth has been lost. There are different types of bridge on offer to provide a solution for missing teeth in different positions in the mouth, but the most common type is a traditional fixed bridge. This bridge is made of a false tooth, sometimes called a pontic, which is attached to a new crown on both sides for stability. Bridges are usually made from ceramic, which is sometimes fused to metal for additional strength. Bridges are a great option for those looking for a simple and easy process and fast results, as treatment is usually complete within 2 weeks. Dental implants provide a long-term solution for tooth loss and are a versatile, highly effective treatment, which offer a host of benefits for patients of any age. Implants are designed to replace the tooth root and they are actually anchored into the jaw bone; once in place, they start to integrate into the bone tissue through a process called osseointegration and once this is complete, a crowned dental bridge or denture can be attached and the tooth will then look exactly like a natural tooth. Implants are built to last a lifetime and they are the closest match to strong, healthy natural teeth.