Weak Teeth And Crown Treatment In Harlow

If you have a weak, damaged or broken tooth, you may be advised to have a crown. Crowns are restorations, which are placed over the natural teeth to make the tooth stronger and prevent further injury. We use the finest quality materials, including porcelain, to produce natural looking aesthetics and ensure longevity and durability. Sometimes, crowns are known as caps because they sit over the top of the tooth. We usually recommend restorative treatment using crowns when there is a large cavity in the tooth, the tooth has been infected or injured or there is a risk of the tooth breaking. Crowns can have aesthetic benefits, but their main purpose is to increase the strength of the tooth; treatment also helps to stem the spread of infection. We can also fit crowns following dental implants treatment in cases where a patient has a single missing tooth and we regularly fit crowns after root canal treatment. Crowns are designed to replace the visible part of the tooth, once the implant has been placed inside the jaw to replace the tooth root. Once the crown is in place, it is impossible to distinguish between the new tooth and the natural teeth. As we have Cerec technology at the practice, we are able to create and fit new crowns on the same-day, so you don’t have to put up with temporary crowns, endure the process of having a putty mould of your teeth made or wait 2 weeks to get your new crown. You simply come into the practice, we take some photographs and Cerec converts these into precise models and then sends them to the milling machine. The process of making the new crowns takes minutes and we can then fit your crown and you can leave with a beautiful, healthy new tooth.