We Offer The Best Whitening Treatment On The Market

Throughout his many years of experience Dr Andrew Moore has worked with a wide range of different teeth whitening treatments and by far the best is the one we offer our patients, Enlighten deep bleaching. This treatment gives our patients guaranteed results every time and can make teeth up to six times whiter and does not harm the teeth or create sensitivity. Enlighten makes use of combining both at home whitening and in-house whitening to get the best results. We make each patient his or her very own custom trays and formula to use at home for two weeks. They can be worn during the night or whenever you choose to wear them in the comfort of your own home. After the two weeks of wearing the trays we will invite you to come to the clinic for a final treatment. The shade is chosen by you and we can discuss this during your teeth whitening consultation, whether it be dazzling whiter than white results, or more natural results. Teeth can be naturally a yellow colour and a combination of that and certain lifestyle choices can make teeth look stained and dirty. Most over the counter whitening products do not contain enough strength to make a difference to your teeth and we advise going to a professional dentist when getting whitening treatment. Whiter teeth can really make a difference to your confidence, especially during social occasions and in photographs. Many people have teeth whitening treatment ready for an important occasion occurring where they want to look and feel their best such as a wedding or anniversary, even for a new job. If you would like some expert advice on our teeth whitening service, get in contact with the team today to arrange a consultation and begin your journey to whiter, brighter teeth.