We Can Repair Your Damaged Tooth In Just One Treatment With Cerec Technology For Patients Near Harlow

You may assume that if you’ve got a damaged tooth, it will take some time to patch it up, but thanks to amazing Cerec technology, we are able to offer same-day restorative treatment. If you’ve broken a tooth or you’ve been involved in an accident or you’ve been injured playing sport, we can provide an instant remedy. Cerec technology is really innovative and impressive and it allows us to complete the entire restorative treatment process on-site at the clinic. This involves designing, creating and fitting the new restoration and we can do all this in a single treatment session. Cerec uses state of the art software to convert camera images into detailed models, which are sent to the milling machine, the on-site manufacturing plant; seconds later, the custom-made restoration is ready to be fitted. Usually, we use dental putty to create impressions of the teeth, which are sent away to a dental laboratory and then the new crown or inlay is sent back to us two weeks later; however, with Cerec, we can do everything on-site in a single day. Cerec not only gives us more control of the process and eliminates the need for temporary restorations, it also saves time in the dental chair, reduces the number of injections required and creates a much cleaner treatment process. Many patients dislike having putty in their mouth and with Cerec this is not necessary, as the technology uses images, rather than putty moulds to design the new restoration. With fewer appointments, treatment is also more convenient, as we recognise that patients have busy schedules and it can be difficult to find time to have appointments in close proximity. With Cerec, we can create bespoke crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays for all your restorative needs. If you’re in need of some dental TLC, call and book your Cerec appointment now!