Versatile dental bonding from Basildon dentist saves tooth

Dental bonding is one of the most straightforward and easily affordable of the cosmetic dentistry procedures and is used to repair damage caused by chipped, cracked or broken teeth. It is also being increasingly used to repair cosmetic problems such as unevenly spaced, badly worn or discoloured teeth. In the last twenty years it has also replaced silver amalgam as the filling material of choice to repair cavities.

Dental bonding, also known as cosmetic bonding, is made from a resin and can be coloured to closely match the colour of existing teeth. The resin can be made up on the spot by a dentist and does not require laboratory conditions necessary to manufacture crowns and veneers. This is the reason that dental bonding is so cheap when compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments. It also means that treatment times are significantly shorter. In fact, unless there is a large area that requires bonding, most treatments can be carried out in only one visit to the dentist.

Unless being applied to a particularly sensitive area such as an exposed cavity, dental bonding is also completely pain-free. It is very rare that a patient will need any kind of anaesthetic before a dental bonding treatment.

Dental bonding is applied by the dentist to the require area and sculpted into the required shape. When satisfied the dentist will use the intense heat of a laser to set the bonding hard. When set the bonding is very durable and resistant to staining. For badly worn or discoloured teeth, dental bonding can completely transform their appearance in as little as a couple of hours and will cost far less than a set of veneers.

Due to its versatility and affordability, dental bonding is a popular choice with both patients and dentists. Basildon dentists are using dental bonding more and more to repair damaged teeth and improve the cosmetic appearance of others. Ask your dentist in Basildon about the possibilities of dental bonding and find out what it could do for you. Call 01245 268 494 to make an appointment with Dr Moore for a free consultation.