Turn Back The Hands Of Time For A Younger More Youthful You In Brentford

As well as creating healthy, beautiful smiles, we also offer our clients treatments to rejuvenate and refresh the skin and create a youthful and vibrant look. If you’re sick of wrinkles, tired of lines or simply looking for a way to roll back the years and give your skin a new lease of life, we can help! We offer the latest facial rejuvenation treatments, including Botox.

What is Botox?

Botox is a short form of botulinum toxin type A; it is a purified toxin, which is injected into the skin in extremely small quantities to smooth the complexion and reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles.

Botox blocks nerve signals, which reduces muscle contraction in the facial muscles and creates a much smoother and younger look. This is a very popular treatment for crow’s feet, lines on the forehead and frown lines.

What does treatment involve?

The actual treatment process is really simple and sessions take less than half an hour, so treatment can be fitted into your day to day life very easily. Prior to treatment, we will discuss the areas you wish to address and go through the procedure with you; we will be very happy to answer any questions you have at this stage.

The procedure involves using a very fine needle to inject Botox into the skin; we will treat the areas you highlighted and once we have covered these, you will be free to go. There’s no pain and no need to worry about taking time to recover. The results of treatment will become obvious shortly after and should last up to 6 months.

Repeat treatment

Botox is a temporary solution, but treatment can be repeated on a regular basis to prolong the results. Usually, the effects of Botox treatment start to fade after 3-6 months, but you can top-up treatment as and when you pleas