Try High Quality Lumineers For A Glowing Smile

If a glowing, glossy smile is your goal for the summer, we have great news! With Lumineers, we can create stunning, radiant smiles to ensure that you feel confident posing for holiday photos and happy every time you see your smile in the mirror. If you suffer from chipped, stained or damaged teeth and you’re looking for a solution, which will transform your imperfect teeth into a flawless smile, this could be the perfect choice. Lumineers are veneers with a difference; they are made from a patented ceramic material, which is extremely thin, but also incredibly strong. They are manufactured by Cerinate in the USA and they are famed for producing beautiful smiles, while also conserving the tooth structure. Normally, when you have veneer treatment, the tooth is prepared beforehand and this involves removing a very fine layer of the tooth surface; in the case of Lumineers, the veneers are so thin that minimal preparation is required and often, the veneers can be bonded directly onto the teeth. We recommend Lumineers for a number of reasons; the results are tried and tested, the material is durable and the veneers are stronger than most other types of veneer. Lumineers also have a pearly iridescence, which gives them a very natural look and the treatment process is simple and painless. If you suffer from a lack of confidence because of your smile, you hide your smile away or you would love to show off perfect pearly whites every time you open your mouth, why not consider Lumineers? Call us today to book a consultation to find out more about treatment from our amazing dentists. Consultations are informal and relaxed and they give you the chance to find out about the ins and outs of treatment and learn about the process and what it entails.