Treating And Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is extremely common and is caused when oral hygiene is not very good. The gums become inflamed and normally bleed when you brush or floss. Gum disease can be prevented if you brush your teeth morning and night, floss and use mouthwash on a regular daily basis. Looking at your diet can also help to prevent gun disease, by cutting down on sugary or acidic food and drinks.The very first stage is called Gingivitis. The gums are swollen and bleeding and most of us have had this once or twice in our lives. It occurs when tarter builds up along the gum line and goes hard. Once it has gone hard it is impossible to remove yourself and a dental hygienist would have to remove it using a special machine.If the gum disease is not treated then it can proceed onto the next level of gum disease, which is periodontitis. Periodontitis can be difficult to treat as it can cause so much harm to the teeth and gums and possibly lead to tooth loss. If the gum disease spreads up into the gums it may affect the bone tissue, weakening it and damaging it leading to teeth falling out. The other effect of having gum disease is an abscess. Abscesses are lumps on the gums that are infected. They can be extremely painful and cause your face to swell. It is important to see a dental expert as soon as possible if you have an abscess and will need a course of antibiotics generally.Having gum disease is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is important to get help and treatment as soon as possible to save your teeth. We can book you an appointment with one of our friendly hygienists and they will examine your teeth and take x-rays. They will then treat your teeth, cleaning them if needed and provide a treatment plan for you. They can also provide you with information to get your oral health back on track. You may need root canal work if the infection had spread that far but we will do all we can to clean your teeth and gums and get them healthy again.