Treating And Preventing Gum Disease Near Chelmsford

Gum disease affects the vast majority of us in one-way or another. If you have ever seen blood after brushing your teeth, then it is likely that you are suffering from some form of gum disease. Thankfully, if caught early, gum disease is very easy to treat and stop before it causes any lasting damage. The first mild stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. The most common symptom of this gum disease is blood after brushing and some small discomfort about the gums. This is very easy to treat; either with a strong medical mouthwash, or even better, a professional dental clean at the clinic. During the clean we will gently clear away any plaque build-up around the gumline and between the teeth-clearing away any bacterial debris for a beautiful, bright and clean mouth. This will also keep further chances of gum infection at bay and it is recommended that you visit your dental hygienist twice a year to maintain a healthy and happy smile. However, sometimes this first stage of gingivitis can get out of hand, after which periodontal disease may soon follow. This stage of gum disease is a great deal more severe, with symptoms that include swelling of the gum tissue, bleeding, pus and loose teeth. At its most potent periodontal disease can cause tooth loss and even eat away at the jawbone. Before you reach this stage it is highly encouraged that you visit your dentist or dental hygienist for periodontal cleaning. This is a more intense dental clean, which may be carried out over several visits to ensure all the disease is treated. If you are currently worried about the health of your teeth, please call the practice today. With gum disease prevention is always better than the cure.