Tooth Restoration In Just One Day With Cerec In Harlow

At Advance Dental Clinic, we are always on the lookout for methods and techniques, which will make treatment more effective and convenient for our patients; Cerec is an amazing example of this. We understand that for many patients, time is a luxury and thanks to Cerec, we can now cut treatment times for restorative treatment to allow you to enjoy new, bespoke restorations in a single day. Usually, when you need a new crown, inlay or onlay, you go to your dentist, they create a mould of your tooth using dental putty and then send this away to a lab. Two weeks later, you go back to your dentist and you have your restoration fitted. With Cerec, we are able to design and make your new restoration on-site in a matter of minutes and the best news is that there’s no need for moulds or temporary restorations. Cerec uses images taken by a camera to form detailed 3D models, which are then sent to the milling machine. The milling machine is responsible for manufacturing the new restoration and it does this is in minutes. We can then fit your restoration and you’re free to go! The entire process can be completed in a single treatment session, so you don’t need to worry about finding time for multiple appointments or taking time off. There is also no need to have a strong of injections or worry about the unpleasant feeling of putty in your mouth, which can make some patients, especially those with a sensitive gag reflex, feel uncomfortable. Cerec is also a more accurate means of creating new restorations and it enables dentists and patients to enjoy greater influence over the design. With Cerec, we are able to produce high quality custom-made crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays. Call us now if you need speedy, effective restorative treatment.