Tooth Restoration In Just One Day Near Brentford

How would you feel if we offered you a completely new smile you could walk away with today? The 1st of April passed months ago, so this is no April Fools, rather the very best in dental restorative technology and same day smile transformations! Cerec is an in-house laboratory and prosthetic production unit, able to create personalised bridges, crowns and veneers on the very same day as your visit. We simply use the Cerec technology to create the perfect impression of your teeth and mouth using a 3D scanner. Once your mouth has been scanned the impression can be used to create whatever restorative you need; perfectly matched to your teeth and smile. This process means no need for repeat visits, messy moulds or further injections and also allows us to get your smile perfect first time, rather than having to send it back to an offsite lab if any changes are needed. Colour matching and size alteration can also be performed right here in the practice on the very same day you visit, meaning a greater level of input and control for you. Only when you are entirely happy with the restoration will we even think of fixing your new smile in place, so you know that you have received the very best treatment possible. The Cerec process can cut down treatment time for patients eager for a new smile right now, or those eager to restored obviously chipped or fractured front teeth. We feel that a beautiful new smile shouldn’t have to wait and are eager to help you achieve the best smile possible today. Please feel free to call the Advance Dental practice today for any more information on how we can help you achieve the best smile possible in just one day.