Thinking Of A Permanent Solution To Your Missing Teeth Near Braintree?

Missing teeth don’t just affect the look of your smile, they can also have negative implications for your confidence and oral health, as well as making it difficult to eat and speak clearly. With dental implants, you can regain your beautiful smile and your confidence and you don’t have to worry about replacing implants or spending hours taking care of them. Dental implants are a relatively new discovery in the world of tooth replacement and they are fast becoming the treatment of choice for patients with missing teeth. Implants are very popular because they offer a long-term solution for tooth loss and they are also versatile, as they are compatible with a range of different restorations. A dental implant is a small screw-like device made from titanium, which is inserted into a socket in the jaw bone to become a substitute for the lost tooth root. Like a root, the implant integrates into the bone, becoming part of the jaw tissue and this creates amazing stability. Once the implant has completely integrated, it is then attached to a new restoration, which may be a crown, a dental bridge or a denture. As implants are secure in the jaw bone, they anchor the new tooth with the same level of support as a natural tooth root and this greatly enhances the performance and functionality of the tooth. With implants, you can do everything you used to do with your natural teeth and you also get to enjoy a stunning new smile. If you have a single missing tooth, a few lost teeth or even a full arch of missing teeth, implants could be just the treatment you’ve been searching for. Call us today to make an appointment to meet with our amazing dentists and find out more about dental implants.