The problems of Amalgam Fillings in Colchester

Grey amalgam fillings….whether you like them or loathe them, they have always been reliable and have been taking the fight to tooth decay for decades. This filling is a cocktail of varying metals that are strong when fused together; once you have one of these fillings, chances are it will last you for life and it will take anything you can throw at it, from grinding to chewing food. The problem is though is we seem to be living in a world driven by vanity and when it comes anything dental in your mouth, the big strive right now is to have teeth that look as natural as possible, which rather leaves the amalgam filling out in the cold. People tend to go for the white, resin based option and you can see why: they just leave your smile white, natural looking and fresh. The only problem with this type of filling is that they haven’t yet proved themselves to be very reliable and have a tendency to fall out. But aesthetics isn’t the only reason people are turning to resin fillings. The reason why a lot of countries are banning amalgam is because one element in its chemical build-up is mercury- extremely toxic and poisonous and modern dentistry is trying to avoid future complications. If you want to know more about amalgam, you should give Advance Dental a call in Chelmsford, for they serve dentists in Colchester. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.