The Perfect Remedy for Dental Decay

Porcelain crowns from Advance dental clinic are effective solution to dental decay

If you are ashamed of your smile because you have a broken down or damaged tooth, you ought to consider having porcelain crowns fitted.  The benefits of being able to smile in a relaxed fashion will be immediately felt and you will find that social occasions are easier. Porcelain crowns effectively conceal unsightly broken down or damaged teeth and give the wearer a natural look.

Beyond the fact that broken teeth can look unattractive, they can also compromise your ability to eat, drink and even talk.  But not matter how broken down a tooth might be, porcelain crowns can be fitted over them. An added benefit is that, if the tooth which needs covering has painful cavities then a porcelain crown can be fitted over the top and protect you from the sensitivity which would otherwise ensue.

Given that some of the surrounding or remaining tooth might have to be removed in order for the porcelain crown to be fitted, porcelain crowns are not especially recommended for those with dull or stained teeth.  They do offer an effective cover for discoloured teeth but many prefer the less invasive procedure of teeth whitening kits for this purpose.