The Choices of Teeth Whitening in Maldon

Whilst you sit at home watching TV, you may find yourself getting irritated at how beautiful everyone’s teeth look on the screen and how they smile whenever they cam with free abandon. If this is the case, it may be time to get down Maldon high street and get yourself some bleaching products, or alternatively, get your teeth whitened by your dentist. It’s by no means expensive, and at least, allows you to smile back at the TV with pride. Basic home bleaching kits start from around £20 and can be done at your own pace; some come with trays that you simply place in the mouth, others with brushes with which you simply paint the bleach on your teeth. Another popular treatment is ‘Enlighten’- once you have been measured for your bleaching trays at the dentist, you simply fill them with the bleach mix, and then pop them in your mouth, before you go to bed. That’s right, they work while you sleep and the course is all over in 14 days. However, whilst getting envious at the stars on your TV, you may have come across various make-over shows that sing the praises of laser bleaching methods such as ZOOM! whitening. Many of these involve 3 quick treatments in an hours sitting at the dentist. The bleach is coated over the teeth and then treated with a heat light. Not only are the treatments quick and incredibly affective, they’re a steal at around £100. So come on, don’t just sit there and be envious at the stars- get off your backside and join them! Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.